Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homesick moment

This evening, sitting at drinks after hockey, I had a moment. I have them on occassion (probably more often than I'd like to admit). Sometimes it's because I miss a family member, or my little big sis, or my dogs... tonight it was the Ballerinas.

I miss you porn stars.

My current hockey dames are cool, in an okayish kind of way. We play hockey, they talk over my head, around me, or occassionally at me, in Dutch. As much as I understand most of what's going on, there's a lot of babbelen that I miss. Especially when they branch off into pairs or groups of three and all have different conversations, which confuses the hell out of my Dutch understanding (because then I hear every third sentence from every other conversation). Sometimes, it's very lonely.

There are no Girls of the Playboy mansion characters. No Peaches, Cracksisters, Nandos or noombies. No goal celebrating "hiep-hiep-SooRAY!" and no banshee cries of "I'm just gonna go CRAAAAZY!" at a random midweek practice.

It's just not the same, you know.

So to the Ballerinas, please will you: flash some noombie, shake some ass - and raise a cane and cremie to your cloggie comrade who's having a nostalgic moment.



Little Big Sis said...

We miss you too!
Who's going to help me defend myself against the rest of the gang while we scramble to find the most Easter Eggs?!?!

Koekie said...

Don't bother... wait until all the eggs have been found and then steal their stash!!

Don't believe a word I write said...

errr...he's hot. Shame dude, the Ballerinas sound great.

Catalyst said...

Guess what Koeks, I might be joing St Andrews for the winter league. Two of my mates play and kinda volunteered my to join!

That's right, no more cheerleading for me; I'm gonna be a star!

Koekie said...

DWD: Glad you appreciated the pic. I searched Playboy Bunny and that's what it turned up. What a hottie. In fact, he looks a lot like Catalyst on a random night out...

Catalyst: Follow the calling baby... one day, love-crazed fans will beg you for your autograph (or at least write to you in prison). One of the two.

Catalyst said...

What? Come on, that dude looks nothing like me! Where's the chest hair, the mullet and the obscene bulge in the broeks?

Don't believe a word I write said...

My god Catalyst, I am so turned on right now. Thanks for pointing out his hotness, Koekie.