Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's BS news story

This poppycock on today:

Easter is the new Christmas, according to Tuesday’s ADnewspaper which points out that last year supermarkets offered an Easter assortment of 80 products and have now extended this to 100.

Market researchers are queuing up to explain how Easter is increasing in popularity and supermarket Albert Heijn even has a ‘theme manager Easter’.

Joop Holla of research agency GfK expects turnover to increase by 7% this weekend, although he does say some of this will be due to general price rises. ‘Easter is a more personal holiday than Christmas which fits in with the trend towards individualisation,’ said Lex de Witt from Trendbox.

And according to Albert Heijn’s Chantal Wijnbergen, people eat a lighter dinner
than at Christmas, opting for chicken and salmon rather than game. ‘And brunch is
popular, so we have thought up all sorts of brunch varieties,’ she said.

Easter is definitely bigger than Christmas in The Netherlands. This is mostly because Christmas is overshadowed by Sinter Klaas celebrations in the festive season. Shops start selling easter eggs at about midnight on 26th December (that's what it seemed like anyway). But I was definitely not aware that supermarkets have upped their stock by 20% - and added more brunch variety! Fascinating.

I have no idea what the hell Lex de Witt was banging on about - 'Easter is more personal than Christmas which fits the trend of individualisation.' Huh?

Almost as interesting as the story that piano tuners are a dying trade in South Africa. Although this story is actually quite emotive. Where HAVE all the piano tuners gone... long time passing..?


Anonymous said...

As I was perusing your blog, I heard John Robbie saying 'Do you know there are only 50 qualified piano tuners in South Africa?". How strange that you should also comment on this.
Have a wonderful Easter:-)

kop said...

I'm impressed you worked out the 20% stat! Well done!