Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mucking in

(Disclaimer - I've just realised that I've written this whole post about Mills. Heather Mills, not my Ginger Bearded Boyfriend!)
I haven't been following the Mills-McCartney case. I do know that Heather is not well liked in the press, but hey - everybody loves to hate celebs.

On the Beeb this morning, they showed a few quotes from Mills after the divorce ruling... and either the British press really are good at vilifying saints, or Heather Mills really does herself no favours in the public image department.

My favourite quote was regarding her daughter's wellbeing. You see, poor Beatrice has only been awarded 35,000 GBP per annum for maintenance. I realise that in Paul's books that is a pittance, but Mills made the following argument: 'while her father will be flying first class, poor Beatrice will have to make do with flying second class. Of course, I'll pay for her ticket so she won't have to suffer like this..'

I'm paraphrasing, because I can't get to the full quote for some reason, but poor poor Beatrice. I truly feel for her - having a mother like that. My god. I could probably have mustered up some compassion if Mills had argued that Beatrice would not be able to enjoy the same educational standards as her McCartney half-siblings. But flying first class? Shame. Poor lass.

Actually, the more I watched of Mills as she talked outside the court, the more aggrevated I got. The woman is completely unhinged and people pay attention to her. It gets my blood right up - along with headlines featuring Pete Doherty and Jade-fucking-Goodie.

So what did Heather Mills do to gain the spotlight?

Before her marriage to Lord Macca, she was a model. This irked my interest enough to investigate, because at first glance I really didn't think she had anything to model. Yes, yes, all models are airbrushed, but most of them at least look decent in a semi-flattering camera light. Mills looks one button short of a straightjacket.

A (very quick) image search on google turned up some interesting pics. Yes, Mills is/was a model. A "glamour" model. I can't say this without snorting. In the UK, for some reason, soft pornstars are known as glamour girls. I'm not sure what's glamorous about showing full frontal minge (hairy or not), but there you go. Glamour model Mills. You can look it up yourself if you like, I'm not putting those pictures here.

Right, so Lord Macca was lead by his idiot handle into a marriage without a prenup. Stupid Paul. They spent four years together and then split up. Heather wanted about a quarter of his fortune for her efforts.

For what... being a devoted wife while he was out creating hit after hit with the Beatles? Because she gave up her career in order to nurture his genius while he was at his creative peak? She was born in 1968.

The judge rightly decided that the crazed woman did not have claim to McCartney's full wealth and so she was awarded a measly 24,3million pounds, plus 35,000 a year for her poor daughter. I know it's all relative, but that's hardly destitution. And yes, Mills might just have to fork out a little bit extra for her daughter's A-class air tickets, but that's what parenting's about sweetheart, both parents have to put in a little bit. It's not just from daddy's pocket.

To add more bunnies to the pot, Mills chucked water on the legal opposition after the decision was handed down. Classy.

There's also the story about Heather Mills impersonating a journalist by the same name.

And Sussex police are getting tired of Mills's trigger-happy dialing finger. After just one day of reading up on the woman, I've got to agree with them... Britney is missing a padded cellmate.

An image consultant interviewed on BBC was asked what Mills could/should do to mend her image in the press. The short answer - disappear completely and come back in a few years time...

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Susan said...

Hi "Koekie"

That was a good rant about Mills. The whole saga should have been in one of Barbara Cartland's novels published by Mills & Boon. Hey, did you find out whether Heather is related to them?