Friday, March 28, 2008

Windmill Will

I think that more people should know about this man.


Because he did this.

What an amazing man. I feel ashamed that I haven't done anything with my tertiary degree, compared to what he did without formal education.

That's it. You can read the articles and his blog for yourself.
Forgive me. It's late, I have a cold and a throat infection, and I'm not feeling very eloquent.


Susan said...

Yes, these unsung heroes. We wait in bated breath for the outcome of Zim's elections today.

Sore throat doesn't remove the eloquence .. it's all in the mind:-)

zoutie said...

How cool is that guy? He built the widmill when he was 14!! I also blogged about him a few months ago:

Hey koekie please update your blogroll to my new url if you so wish!? I think it's also time to come on over to WP btw! Let me know if you need a hand - it's a synch to migrate...

Koekie said...

Susan - good to see you're still reading here! We've been following the Zim elections here as well... holding thumbs for the country.

Zoutie - consider it done :-) Techno-ignorance... What is WP?

zoutie said...

Ag sorrie. WP is Wordpress. It's a breath of fresh air after using blogger. Smaller, but if you look at the world's best top blogs - they're mostly on WP. WP is completely open source, so everybody contributes.

A bit more info here:

And a vid on the picture feature mainly here

So don't think that you need to get a whole lot more 'technical' by using WP - but it's a choice and you can do as much or as little as you like. Happy to discuss more if you like, I think you know how to mail me!!

Bryan said...

See now wordpress would not cut url's off and disable links (or maybe that's a blogger setting?)!!