Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another one year anniversary to celebrate

At the end of this week, I will have been in recruitment for a whole year. It's been a steep learning curve, filled with targets and KPI's (unheard of in the newsrooms of my previous experience).

I was thinking about the different characters that I've met in my year so far...

There was the lady with the glass eye, and breathing disability. It didn't affect her working potential, although the glass eye would not be recommendable for cosmetic promotions. But the breathing was distracting. I couldn't quite figure it out, but I think she actually had some form of apparatus, that made a "psssssh" sound when she exhaled. Quite distracting.

There was the dwarf. Giant personality and cleavage to boot, but 1,34m in height (yes - they have height measurements on Dutch passports).

Another fave was the lovely Indian lady who lost the bones in her right arm after a car accident. The bones - not her arm. She owes what remains of her limb to the sexist regime of Indian matrimonials. You see, the kind doctor realised that she was unmarried and was unlikely to find a good husband if she only had one arm... so he surgically removed her humerus, radius and ulna in order to at least keep a semblance of her arm. What remains is similar to a thick wad of rubber. I've seen it, she even demonstrated it's bendy abilities for me. She still has all the bones in her hand though. It was fascinating.

There were also the super-bright, super-posh and super-boring... And don't forget the preachers and self-righteous (who get very upset to learn that I am in the country with my boyfriend... not my HUSBAND. God forbid).

I think my personal favourites, though, are the Big Fat Liars. These are the people who 'can't remember' what's on the CV; when questioned, admit that maybe they didn't actually have the position of sales manager, maybe they were interning under the sales assistant, but they saw what the sales manager did and they know they could do that. And besides, they have a diploma in Business Management, so they think they should start in that position. Big Fat Liars are fun when they squirm.


Don't believe a word I write said...

How on earth did the preachers and self-righteous find out about your LIVING IN SIN, KOEKIE??? fie on you!!!

It sounds like our career progressions were similar...newsrooms and recruitment. I did a year-long stint in recruitment, and was eventually driven bazonkers by all the liars and cretins. My worst was a guy who spent half an hour picking at his chin while I interviewed him, only to roll the skin up into a ball and drop it on the floor...all while he was lying to me about why he 'left' his previous job and why he couldn't find his matric certificate.

You are a strong woman.

Koekie said...

AAAARGH, that is disgusting. Thank you for reminding me about the Portugese man (no stereotype here..) who's B.O. was overwhelming. It was like a whole clan of sweaty masai warriors had just returned from the hunt on the plains - and camped in the room overnight. By the time the guy left, I was gagging and our interview room stank for the next few hours... even with the doors and windows open.

Anonymous said...

" he surgically removed her humerus...". So what! Marriage eventually removes your "humourous" anyway!. Live with the boyfriend!

I assume when you sya she still had all the bones in her hand you were not referring to the humerus, radius, a conversation piece! Just checking?