Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just your average day at work

I was eating snoepje (sweeties) today, and thoroughly enjoying it too. The Dutchies are known for their dropjes - licorice drops - and I love them.

Anyway, so I'm shnacking away on my shnoepje, when Jejo walks up and helps herself while casually stating.. "they use bull semen to make this stuff."

Bull semem?

I repeated. "Bull semen?"

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" said Duckface from across the room.
Jejo repeated her statement. The fourth (loud) utterance of "bull semen" got KC's and SSAK's attention too.

Right, so now we have five colleagues productively discussing whether there could possibly ever be bull semen in something as pure as licorice. Think of how many child-like palates have been corrupted if this is the case...

Of course, I refuted her claim and turned to google, as one does, in absurd instances such as these.

'Licorice ingredient bull'

Nothing of interest in that search. So narrow it down a bit more. Offer a bit more info... at this stage, I had everyone gathered behind my computer, still twittering about the possibility of dropje containing anything more corrupt than aniseed.

'Licorice ingredient bull semen'

Result! "black... licorice... contents... semen... bull..."

Can anyone guess where this is going?


My colleagues collapsed with collective shock and mirth behind me, while I squealed and frantically tried to click away.

Stop it, stop it, stop it! Faak! Make it go away! AAAAAH! Oh god, faaak! This is NOT funny! Jejo, if I get fired I'm dragging you with me! You and your fucking bull semen!

Full frontal, penetrative porn. And it wasn't just one image. No no, this was one of those charming websites that open more windows the more you try to click away.



Anonymous said...

Can you clarify the exact syntax which caused this embarrassing error? Just curious of course!

kop said...

You're a dumbass for thinking that wouldn't happen!

Catalyst said...


Wait, allow me one more...


Little Big Sis said...

hehehehe, always good for a giggle!

Sis to the rescue...
I made drop at the Science Museum in Amsterdam about 10 years ago, and believe me they didn’t have a jar of bull semen for us to scoop ingredients out of!

Anyway if it tastes good, who cares. It hasn’t killed me yet, and I haven’t given birth to any calves either!

Koekie said...

Kop - it's not that I thought it wouldn't happen. It's just that I didn't THINK.

Catalyst - I have nothing.

Little big sis - I'm still eating them. I call 'bull!' on the bull semen theory.

the branch manager said...

However, we still don't have a conclusive answer?

Lopz said...

I say if bull semen tastes that good, let everyone have a bite!