Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flawed marketing plan

I went to pick up my pill this evening. It's the third renewal on the same prescription, at the same pharmacy. Nothing much has changed... I'm still using contraception, and guess what... when this lot runs out, I'll be back for more.

Why then, did the pharmacist feel the need to hand me the pamphlet on Kinderwens?

Do I fall into that target market, just because I'm female? Does he think that I'll see the note on fertilisation techniques and suddenly feel an overwhelming need to hump myself a baby?

Kinderwens handed out with every pill prescription. Talk about contradictory contraception.


kop said...

They are trying to boost the Dutch population. They are tired of all the Turks breeding them out of the country!
Be flattered that they consider you a Dutchman/woman!

rd said...

I thought you used it for your skin...