Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Enjoying it while it lasts

Hi - have you missed me? The reason for this recent hiatus is the fact that Spring has in fact springed, sprung and sproinged into Western Europe. Hoorah. We've spent the last two weeks or so doing as little as possible indoors and staying out as much as possible. It's been twenty-frikken-five degrees people. 25!

Although... (look how pessimistically local I've become)... they say the weather is going to turn from tomorrow. So I may just have more time to indoors and online. Summer could be over by the weekend. I'm lapping it up while it lasts.

Also haven't been online due to the fact that we was visiting 'em folks in London. Jolly good show and all that. Except that... once you hit Clapham Junction, you don't hear toff or chav accents, just Saffers. I didn't even hear that many Aussies. You know how we feel about Zimbabwe immigrants? That's how Londoners must feel about us. Bloody African infestation.

Anywho, lovely weather for that good ol' London tradition... braaing. It's been a while since Mills and I have enjoyed boerie and biltong. Delightful stuff to the palate. Was good to see most our graduating class while we were there, and the picnicking in Regents Park was particularly good for our souls. Here's a picture I took, to prove what a softy I've become, with all this heat going to my head and everything:

In other news, I dreamt that I was pregnant. Yes. I was pregnant with a black baby - which actually didn't even freak me out that much. It was more the fact that I was preggie that was perturbing me, and I was crying a whole lot in my dream. Very upsetting stuff that was. Now that I think about it, I wonder who the father was? Unless Mills's wonder ginger genes are hiding some 'dark' secrets... hahaha. I kill me.


rd said...

Its actually quite amusing how I can hear how excited you are about this weather!
I was expecting a story down the lines of -

"And then we did this, it was so much fun. And then we did that, it was so much fun..."

Koekie said...

School assignment: My Summer Holiday, by Koek Suster.

Don't believe a word I write said...

Your dream could have been could have been pregnant with triplets.

Very nice pic of the flowers!

Koekie said...

Hou jou bek, DBAWIW! Some things are just too terrible to mention (never mind the fact that a friend has decided I should be blessed with the world's largest natural number of babies in one birth)