Monday, May 19, 2008

Making headlines

This story is not funny.

It is not funny because two men died. And men dying is not funny, even if it is due to mature poo. It is also not funny because it mentions bull sperm. And bull sperm equals porn.

In other news, joggers in North Holland have more to worry about than mere muggings. Apparently, after four years of harrassment, an evil eagle is finally making headlines. She's probably just pissed off that she hadn't been allocated her 15 minutes of fame yet.


Don't believe a word I write said...

Jesus H!! That is a story and a half Koekie! I am going to subscribe to that newspaper - I suspect it would cheer me up every morning. Thank you.

kop said...

I think that is the greatest news article I have ever read - it has everything in it!

rd said...

Were they delivering bull sperm to the Liquorice factory?

How on earth do you keep a straight face while reading that story, it has just a touch of lighter side humour to it.