Monday, February 05, 2007

10-year-old tantrum

I was going to blog about making Champayne Heathen chase me around Joburg on Friday evening. Or playing tennis with The Luce – and apologise for her taking about four shots to the body in one set. Or playing tennis with my father and almost nutting him.

I was going to blog about going to watch Blood Diamond. Hectic, horrific and traumatic. And I’m not talking about Leo’s Souf Efriken accent. That movie has haunted me for the last two days. Gentlemen, this is not a first-date movie… unless you actually want to spend the evening talking about the state of Africa and comforting your sobbing potential shtoink. Passion killer.

I was going to type about all of the above – and then I found this beauty:

"OTTAWA - Twin 10-year-old boys threw a tantrum after being expelled from university and are seeking reparations for age discrimination from a human rights tribunal.

With the help of their mother, Sebastien and Douglas Foster filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after the University of Ottawa expelled them from a course that looked at the environmental, political, and ethical issues raised by advances in science and technology.

The university said it made a mistake when it allowed the twins to enrol in the course in September. “The expulsion had nothing to do with age,” spokeswoman Sophie Nadeau told AFP. “They didn’t have a high school diploma and weren’t in the process of obtaining a high school diploma, which is required for admittance.”

But the family refused to accept the school’s explanation, saying the university took their tuition fees, issued student cards to the boys, and they completed the required course work despite being booted from the class.

“As far as I’m concerned, they’ve earned their credits,” their mother Wendy Foster, who had taken the course too, told local media. The boys are seeking unspecified damages, she added.

Commission spokesman Jeff Poirier would not comment on the case, but said age discrimination complaints from children are rare. The statute is aimed primarily at curbing injustice to seniors, he added."

Sounds like Mummy needs a little reality check.


ChewTheCud said...

ah to be ten again ;P

hullo koeks. been a bit tardy with my blog checking. must apologise. but its awesome to see you're still here and still strong ;P

Champagne Heathen said...

And in a completely tired, snoozing at the yogurt place, state of chasing too!!

It was great to see you - through my half-closed lids!