Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just because you’re an astronaut, does not mean that you are precluded from being female and certifiably insane. Yet another psycho graces the news.

In other, more local, news: my dogs keep dragging bones out of the garden at the bottom of our property. It’s CSI meets X-Files. These bones are big(ish), they’re certainly not from a har-dee-dah skeleton… and they’ve been sawn into segments.

My family is completely befuddled. The place where they keep producing these bones is right at the very end of the property, behind very thick and overgrown bamboo, in the corner. We’ve theorized that a neighbour might have chucked them over – but surely it’s less effort to just bin it, rather than bushwacking through the prickly hedge and bamboo that dominates a radius of about 3m in all directions in that area?

In my inexperienced veterinarian mind, I’ve convinced myself that these bones are animal. Must be animal. I watch too much CSI and refuse to contemplate any other possibilities. It’s too unnerving and macabre.


Kop said...

Hahaha, Koekie's got a mass grave at the bottom of her garden! And you're going to Den Haag! Hahahaha

Champagne Heathen said...

Hmmm...I say wait till the dog drags in the human skull. Till then, deny away!

Very odd!