Friday, February 02, 2007

My British Granny

Apparently I fell off the face of the blogging world yesterday... I knew nothing about this because I can't access my blog on a normal day, because I say things like f***, sh**, p*nis, b**bs and other similarly unsavourary choice words. But I can still access Chew the Cud's blog, which has... shock horror... the word P*NIS. For the unedited version, please visit his blog. I cannot show it here for fear of retribution... The media mafia know where I live.


Staying on the topic of visas (from yesterday, in case you're not keeping up):
Last weekend, my dad suggested the possibility of his mom going to the UK to visit her children and grandchild. After a fairly lengthy shouted-conversation across the ginger snap biscuits, my granny finally got the idea and concluded with, "Well, it should be easy enough for me to travel on my British passport. It only expires in 2009..."

This little revelation was greeted with raised eyebrows from my dad and steam blowing out of my mother's ears - and a very loud, "Ek se fokken WOAH?" from me.

You see, three years ago, when I was considering going overseas on my Green Mamba passport the question was raised whether I could apply for an ancestral visa on my granny's British passport - a visa which would've been valid for four years without a problem. But granny had already decided that she didn't need her UK passport any more so she wasn't going to renew it. Sorry for me. So I went the pleb route of proving that I was a suitable candidate for a 2-year-access, 1-year-working holiday visa.

Had I gotten that ancestral visa in 2005 when I went over, it would still be valid now. It would still be valid - with EU access - until after Boyfriend came back from the Netherlands. Are you sensing my frustration?

Anywho - crying, spilt milk, all that. Granny sat in bewilderment as my mother tried to explain why I was convulsing in hysterical laughter because granny went and renewed her passport after all... and didn't think to share it with the rest of the family.

Don't ever tell me that getting old is boring. It's the only pro I can think of for having children.. where's the fun if you can't torment your kids and their kids in your old age?


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So you can like to be moer'ing of to Den Haag. No more spraying self-tan on topless models huh?

Cool beans, must do raw fish before you scamper