Thursday, February 01, 2007

Princess of Oranje

As of today I am officially allowed to travel into the Netherlands without fear of deportation. It’s only a schengen visa, but it’s a start. Thank you to all who were doing their lucky-leprechaun jigs and sending me happy feet. Two thumbs way up for me.

Right, on with the post: Beloved Boyfriend has informed me that (our) flat is in a lovely residential area, surrounded mostly by pensioners. This suits me down to the ground because it lessens the chances of being around schoolyards full of snotties. No screeching children. Bonus.

He lives next door to a delightful old man – possibly the only person in The Hague, or the whole of Netherlands – who can’t speak English. Recently, the lovely old man accosted Boyfriend in their communal hallway. From my understanding, the interaction went something like this…

Old dude: You English! You English!
Boyfriend: Um, no… well actually I’m South African.
Old dude: You English! You English!
Boyfriend: Oookay… I speak English, yes.
Old dude frantically starts pointing at his doorknob. Not his knob… his doorknob. Yes, there’s a difference.
Boyfriend is completely confused, but on closer inspection (I promise this story wasn’t nearly as porn when he was recounting it!), he noticed a word printed on the doorknob.


Old dude standing with a proud grin on his face because he has an English doorknob. Therefore, they can be friends.


So that’s our neighbourhood, geriatrics and imported doorknobs.

In other news, our container of all our furniture and belongings has been detained in the Netherlands. Boyfriend has to fill out a gazillion forms to get past the red tape in order to release it. Projected release date: two months from NOW.

This is a problem for two reasons:
  1. We have no furniture in our flat. We have no wardrobes. We cannot buy wardrobes until we know how much space we’re going to be working with, once our flat is finally furnished.
  2. I sent ALL my winter clothes in the container because they were going to arrive in the Netherlands before I did. And they did – but now they’re sitting in a cargo hold somewhere. I’m going to land in the Netherlands – in the middle of friggin’ winter – three weeks from now. I have one winter outfit.


Kop said...

I thought Boyfriend talked a bit of the taal? I can just see the situations you two are going to get yourselves into; ordering space brownies instead of take aways!

Peaches said...

Hip Hip Hooooorrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

A well deserved ray-of-sunshine brand of fantastically GOOD NEW Koeks!!

Am so happy for you I shed a tear! (And that coming from the emotionally challenged me, as you know, is beeeeeeeg)

You had better start Boyfriend on a course of Rescue Remedy in preparation for GC and my upcoming visit. Not sure when yet, but its coming and its coming soon!!

(ps: GC and I are trying to org tickets for The Paris. The Killers in Paris. Ooozis. Oh and maybe an old fogey Genesis concert also...)