Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last day

It's my last day at work... again. I've been telling annoying people that I will get back to them tomorrow. Sorry for them. I won't have to deal with prima donna models and their overpriced, understimulated agents. Thank god for that.

So, from tomorrow, I will be offline. I may or not be able to blog before I go overseas - in 1o days time!

For now, I leave you with the snow storm cloud hovering over the Netherlands today. It's going to snow snow snow... until I get there. From then on, it'll just be slushy and cold.



Revolving Credit said...

Cheers Koek, have a safe trip!

hels said...

Cheers Cheers my friend, i can finally comment on blogs, so it will be a lot easier to communicate... have an awesome time with the family!!!! Look forward to your bike riding blogs when you get over there.

Peaches said...

Koekie-monster! Love your work. See you soon dollakins.

Hels, hope you're planning on commenting on my blog too...sniff sniff:(