Thursday, February 22, 2007


As Mills (yes, Boyfriend has a name. It came as a surprise to me too) pointed out - we now live in the only city that officially starts with an apostrophe. Straaange.

Our flat is practically under a church, which gives us a clue of the time every hour on the hour. Without a functioning washing machine or any furniture, I've managed to turn the place into a Chinese Laundry. There is clothing drying over every available hanging space (mostly central heating and picture hooks). Just today, I washed about a dozen shirts, three tops, several sets of underwear and over 20 socks... because Mills was kind enough to not do any washing for a week before I arrived. Isn't that sweet? He wanted to give me something to do. I have the callouses of a washerwoman and I wear them with pride.

I'm at a Subway internet cafe - literally a Subway restaurant with one online computer, which I have been dominating for sometime now. I think I may have to either buy something else to eat or vacate the seat, but it's the only internet access I've been able to find since I got here so I'm clinging to it with my claws and teeth at the moment, like the cyber-junkie I know I am.

As soon as I can find a computer with a USB port (what a novel idea), I will upload the few pics that I've taken so far.

Until then... totsiens!


Anonymous said...

check that:

Well washerwoman, how things? Glad u got there safely. Have fun learn Dutch or whatever garbled simperings they speak there


Anonymous said...

Have figured out that i can comment as anonymous but can't log in... pictures would be cool! Am dreading quiz nite starting have selected second rate team... nothing beats team lobotomy...

Peaches said...

Pick Hips Hels. She is top notch when it comes to all things rock and arachnid and general knowledgy!!

Koeks, pics of your proud little laundroflat would be hot.