Monday, February 26, 2007


Wake up. Contemplate getting up. Look outside. Overcast/raining. Stare at ceiling. Get up.
Make breakfast. Contemplate sitting on kitchen floor. Eat breakfast in bed. Stare at ceiling.
Wash dishes. Wash kitchen counters. Sweep. Get back into bed. Stare at ceiling.
Create masterpieces of wet clothing over central heating. Shower. Get dressed. Get back into bed. Watch DVD. Watch DVD in Dutch with English subtitles. Stare at ceiling.

It's actually not all bad. I go for long walks. I wander up and down the shopping streets. Sometimes, I stare at the people working in the offices across from our flat. I feel like I'm Sophia Coppola movie, without the credits.

I wish I could actually post this on my blog, but I don't have time to figure out the formatting. If I ever get that shirt-folding technique right, then I'll know I've met my calling as a washerwoman. Until then, I shall remain a desperate house-girlfriend.

Me: "Hi... what you doing?"
Mills: "I'm working. At work. What do you think I'm doing?"
Me: "I thought you might be working. When you coming home?"
Mills: "Later. This evening. At the end of the day. What are you doing?"
Me: "Nothing. Literally. I did go shopping. I spent lots of your money."
Mills: "Goodie. What have you spent it all on?"
Me: "Food. I think."
Mills: "You think?"
Me: "Well, I'm really not sure what I actually bought. Do you want Sperziebonen or Prei for supper?"

Such is the scintillating content of my everyday life.


Peaches said...

And in tonights episode of 'Desperate House Girlfriend'......

Kop said...

You do know there are marijuana cafes and you can go to?! Time flies in those!

Anonymous said...

Now I do agree with Kop. Or you can get something to keep you busy!

At least you have a choose in the matter not like me!

fuzzy logic said...

Yeah, fire up a couple of spliffs, or slip some magic shrooms into your lunchtime sarmie...
Hey, at least you're not in Pretoria, and your boyfriend's evil stepmom is 200m away (been there, done that!)

Corporate Slave #45793 said...

Not much different from my day - except for the boyfriend part and I get paid and hourly rate for being bored. I dont have the option of getting stoned though. Then I might lose the hourly rate part.

ChewTheCud said...

that shirt folding thing is easy when you know how ;P but its impressive all the same.

Koekie said...

Unfortunately in my very limited Stoner experience, I make a terrible Stonehead. I know paranoia is one of the downs (or ups, depends how you look at it) but my para-nature takes it to another level. I am unable to move from the spot for the next 6-8 hours, which could get awkward at closing time...

So, instead, I prefer to stay sober and laugh at my stoned mates... should any want to come play with me in Amsterdam!