Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Forget Ebay... sell your organs on TV

‘Tasteless’ organ donor show to go ahead
A tv reality show which centres on people competing for a dying woman’s kidneys has been condemned by the Dutch cabinet and MPs, a spokesman for the European Commission and a host of foreign broadcasters and newspapers...

Despite the condemnation, the tv company BNN says it will go ahead with the broadcast. In the show, the terminally ill 37-year-old Lisa will choose which of three kidney patients will receive her kidney. The public can help her decide by sending sms messages...
I can't wait to see the show's layout. So far, I've got it pictured as a 70's dating show:

"Contestant Number Three... what is your idea of a perfect evening at home?"

"Good evening, Miss Organ Donor, and can I tell you how luuuurverly your voice is. First I'd kick this dialysis machine into touch, and then I'd lose the 24/7 nurse - what a wench. That would leave us free to talk kidneys and stones... if you know what I mean..."

Between the Dutch and the Americans, I can't decide who's turned reality television into more of an artform. Although the poms aren't doing too badly either... as far as I know, Andrew Lloyd... sorry LORD Andrew Lloyd Webber is in the throes of finding himself a real-life technicolour-coated Joseph.

How many people in the western world do you think have been on TV, or at least have tried to get on to one of the many reality shows? Maybe we should just shortcut the process and have a channel dedicated to a different Joe Soap, one every fifteen minutes.

Come one, come all! Tell us about your: dancing ambitions/singing dreams/bratty children/interfering family/embarrassing illness/life-long passion/unusual fetish/eating disorder/self-esteem issues/dirty home/ideal holiday/newly landscaped garden/badly behaved pets/inter-racial relationship/money problems/organ donor aspirations...

Actually, I may be on to something - we can call it Warhol's Reality.


Peaches said...

Who comes up with this reality show crap????

There is an Aussie reality show on Sky here all about customs control and border patrol in Australia. Always shows people crying in the sirport cos there visas arent valid or h sniffer dogs sniffing out illegal tubs of Marmite.

The only reality show worth its salt is The Bachelor!

kop said...

Holy shit, the Dutch have done it again! If Big Brother wasn't bad enough, now they come up with this cruel and unusual way of dishing out people's organs before they're even dead.

I await in anticipation for the show to start!

Corporate Slave #45793 said...

Interesting piece of random crap - the Guy who now runs Endemol (BBrother) is the great grandson (or there abouts) of the the guy who created the london sewrage system. At the time a truley revolutionary and life saving civic project.

The irony of this is of course the current generation no longer pumping the shit of the streets it is pumping it back into our TV sets.

(Qi - new season, Tuesday, BBC 2)

Koekie said...

And who could ever forget B-on-Mnet? I certainly can't. That was about as close to Warhol's Reality as we're ever likely to get. Hopefully.

Okay, let's see this thirteen-year-old blow snot out of his nose! Wooohooo... congrats... You're famous!

Revolving Credit said...

Dibs on her corneas!

Heddles said...

holy sweet faark. gobsmacked. europe never ceases to shock me!

70's dating show, with elevator music.

Heddles said...

holy sweet faark. gobsmacked. europe never ceases to shock me!

70's dating show, with elevator music.