Thursday, May 31, 2007

Satan is a short fat kid with red hair


I spent most of my last unemployed day in the Croatian Embassy. It took them four hours to process about 12 visa applications. The South African Traffic department has nothing on these guys. I was also sat next to a seven-year-old... a cherub of a boy who insisted on kicking me, kicking the stairs, shouting in the echoing hall, stamping, generally behaving like Satan had a personal vendetta against me.

I eventually got home, but not before being followed down the street by another bunch of kids with boxes on their heads, pretending to be zombies. I don't make this shit up.


I start work. Am off to catch public transport in rush hour. I hope Satan has forgiven me for mocking his offspring all the time.


Peaches said...

Thought you were going to ride your fiets to work Koeks??

Those little ginger kids are trouble, with theire flaming hair and yellow eyes.

kop said...

that's what your's and mills' offspring are going to be like! hahahaha - the irony!

Heddles said...

You know what they say about gingers ... join "What do I do if a ginger kid bites me" on facebook. I roll off my chair every time!

Croatia is heaven koeks. Worth the shin damage.

Catalyst said...

Well, I got a big squishy hamburger CD wrack thing as a farewell present and my editor saying:

"It's been short and sweet; we're sorry to see you go - I do like having boys in the offices..." *smirk*

I think I vomited up my heart, bit it, then swallowed it back down...

Boomkind said...

Good luck at work today! Just a quick question, what has been happening with the hockey? Have you been playing? Winning?


Koekie said...

Hi Boom: I'm still playing = it's ZomerAvond league at the moment.

I play on Wednesdays... and my most recent evening was not successful. Missed an absolute SITTER of a goal. Here it comes, across the open goal mouth, all I have to do is deflect it... or, I can just let it roll under my stick. Awesome. So I decided to talk about my new work instead. You know, pride and all that..