Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ja, Swaar

Hosted boyfriend's siblings and their partners this weekend...
a) it's the in-laws
b) it's the in-laws.. en mass
c) it was the first time we were hosting more than one person
d) it was the first time we were hosting anyone for longer than four hours
e) we only have one toilet.

  • Watching SA thump England - even if it wasn't a full strength opposition. Love the Flying Habana.
  • Solving South Africa and Africa's problems at 3am.
  • Knocking over a full glass of rosé wine.
  • Knocking over a full glass of red wine.
  • Proving that red wine DOES stain more than rosé.
  • Agreeing to ghost-write a collaborative book titled "Fat people are devious and gingers have no souls". Agreeing that the title would be longer than the book.
  • Deciding that we are all going to be cursed with fat, ginger offspring.
  • Trying to convince the sister-in-law dietician that eating nothing but Appelmoes would be a balanced weight-loss diet. Also trying to convince sister-in-law dietician that Dutch food is healthy. Eating lots and lots of fried snacks, stroopwaffel, Belgium chocolate, chocolate sprinkles on bread (another Dutch delicacy).
  • "Well, if you order garlic/asparagus then we'd all better have garlic/asparagus... "
  • "Who farted?"
  • Discussing whose girlfriend folds socks better.
  • Discussing whose boyfriend is better toilet trained.
  • Putting off hiring bikes because it looked like it was going to rain all weekend. Eventually hiring bikes because it didn't rain once. Fifteen minutes into our cycle, it started raining. It only stopped shortly after we returned the bikes.
  • Doing touristy things, on bikes, in the rain.
  • Almost getting taken out on the bike, twice - by the same car.
  • "Who farted?"
  • Which couple is going to take one for the team and be the first to provide fat, ginger grandkids?
  • Eating stroopwaffels for breakfast - ignoring dietician's pleas to eat five fruits a day.
  • X-Treme Shopping at Albert Heijn.
  • Breaking one pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses within an hour of each other.
  • "The asparagus has kicked in..."
  • Feeling sad that everyone had to leave at the end of the weekend.


Revolving Credit said...

Doesn't asparagus have a similar effect to Nik-Naks??

Koekie said...

Affirmative, Goose. Something to bear in mind when dining with a potential bed-maiden...

Heddles said...

Koekie were you the one farting?

Koekie said...

Heddles - sies! Girls don't fart!

Ross said...

ha ha, sounds like a chilled weekend...

Anywho, I am sure you know of the guy who's dinky went orange after he got a divorce -
When the doc asked him of his recent activities, the man replied "nothing extraordinary, just eating nik-naks and watching porn"