Monday, May 21, 2007

Winners know when to quit

How could I forget to mention the highlight of my weekend?

After our morning at IKEA, Mills and I joined a bunch of expats to watch the FA Cup Final and the Super14 Final... both being aired at the same time. The rugby was streamed online and projected onto a nearby wall, the football was playing on the TV next to it. Perfect. Mills is a big Sharks fan and James (a Manchurian) was heavily invested in the football game... we were all set for an emotional afternoon.

Unfortunately for Mills and James, their teams lost - technically both of the games being decided outside of full time. [Why didn't the Sharks kick it into touch? Why?] But spirits were high (for most of us) and the weather was good, so we followed up our afternoon with a good old fashioned BBQ and a game of poker. I'm not a big fan of poker - I don't get which hand beats what and even if I did know when to bluff, I generally can't hide my facial expression... but I do like the idea of arranging my chips into matching stacks. It's pretty. I'm simple like that.

Before anyone knew it, I had managed to win a couple of big hands without paying much attention. I'd just get told when it was my turn to place a bet, would chuck in the required amount and get back to stacking my chips in pretty patterns. "Okay, let's see them... Koekie's got a flush. Damnit." Yay! More chips for me to stack!

Stacking chips aside, winning the pot meant that I had earned money for the first time since February. So this is what I should've been doing - instead of playing domestic treasure - I should've been hitting the Hague's casinos.. I'm a natural.

The poker game was followed up with a few solid hours of revisiting varsity drinking games... so when Mills and I eventually made our way home, our faces were covered in charcoal marks from several rounds of Ooblie-dooblie. A good time was had by all - even the losers whose teams lost in the finals AND got their asses kicked by a girl in poker. Sorry for them!


Peaches said...

And thats how its done. The Sharks may have lost the ruggers but Koeks won the poker and drinking comp! Good form Ballerina!

I like your poker playing style!
I colour co-ordinating my cards and arranging them in numerical order.

ChewTheCud said...

Nothing like a round of indian poker to finish the day off. Thats the one where you put a card on you forehead and have to bet on what you have against everyone else. GREAT drinking game ;)

Koekie said...

That's EXACTLY what we ended the night on... although I didn't know what it was called ;-)