Tuesday, May 22, 2007


On BBC Breakfast: Patricia Doyle has been using the same hairdryer for 48 years. [Cut to footage of Patricia Doyle using her archaic hairdryer.]

If anybody else saw this footage - and knowing BBC reporting, you are bound to see it eventually - you might have noticed that Patty has three hairs on her head anyway. So she's used her hairdryer for 20seconds, once a day, for 48 years. I'd like to see that hairdryer lasting more than two months if it had to dry all my hair. Not a chance.

Fortunately, the Beeb decided not to put this story up on their website, so here is another website's link to Patty And Her Amazing Goblet Of Hot Air.

In more local news - Bezuidenhout, Den Haag to be precise - the headline runs Onduidelijkheid en onvrede over hondenuitlaat in.

... which, according to dictionary.com/translate means: "Obscurity and dissatisfaction concerning dog exhaust". The actual situation is that people are turning signs around in the forest - so paths where dogs should be put back on their leads have had their signs turned around to read that they can be taken off their leads. Outrage!

To everyone back home in SA... warm enough for yer? Brrr...


Peaches said...

Hey dont be so hard on us who were cursed with bum fluff for hair lady!!

And who left the fridge open in SA?? Thought I was going to be coming home to a sunny Jhb winter and not sub-zero temperatures that will give Mud Island a run for its money!!

ATleast I still have my blubber coat to keep me warm.

Heddles said...

HA HA HA!! oh stop it, it's too damn much! man i love mud island headlines!

tell me you're kidding re: living in bezuidenhout ... home of Evita.

Koekie said...

Heddles - no jokes... this is my new area. It amused me too. Bezuidenhout means "south of the forest", as opposed to those who live north of the forest in Benoordenhout. Not just a pretty surname... Fancy that.