Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Watching louries (sorry Grey African Birds) outside my window...

Blue skies, gentle breeze... another tough day in Africa. And I'm inside packing. And repacking. I told my tannie this morning that I see a gap in the market for Packing Coaching. I need someone to tell me how minimalise my packing. I cause myself such stress... my baggage already weighs 20kg and I haven't even included my toilettries. AND I've even cut down on my shoes (only 8 pairs, I left half of them here. Again.) AND I didn't even buy any new shoes today when mom and I were wistfully strolling up and down the isles at Shoe City (bargain, bargain, bargain).

Just to make my flight more comfortable, I paid a quick visit to our family dermatologist. Mumsy darling recently had a melanoma scare and is now on the rampage in the war against skin cancer, so I had to get checked before I left and today was the only day available. It's always a delight having your body scrutinised to the nth degree... the doctor (who looked about 15, when did doctors get so young?) even had a little zappy camera thing which took photos of every blemish/scar/pockmark on my skin. Trust me, you never want to see a mole that close - especially when you know it's happily manifesting itself on your left shoulder. That said, skin cancer sounds frivolous but it is a killer - and a quick one at that. Get your molie-molie-molie-moles checked - regularly!

Right, public service announcement done for the day.

I better get back to packing (and give my father back his computer... he's pacing behind me like a restless bear). Time to get home to the rain, wind and bikes!


Guy McLaren said...

Touraco is the name you are looking for, It changed a few years ago. Not only place names get changed. Remember there are three varieties, Grey, Purple crested and Knysna

Lopz said...

Good luck with the packing! I'm going home in less than three weeks, and I'm already waking up in panic in the middle of the night, freaking out about how the hell I'm going to get all my clothes plus millions of gifts for the family home.

Koekie said...

Guy - thanks, I knew there was a new name, but couldn't remember it exactly! I still prefer The Go-Away Bird. And whatever you call them, hardedahs are damn noisy.

Lopz... I'm so glad to hear there are more like me! I will be sending you lightweight vibes in three weeks time.