Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Ginger Beard Man

Every time my boyfriend and I share a moment of joint soppiness, he has to purse his lips out as far as possible and I wince my lips in anticipation. This is because Mills has grown some semblance of a beard over the festive season. He absentmindedly strokes it when he's concentrating - like a father, proud of what his testosterone has produced.

I'm not such a fan of pash-rash. I don't like the erratic spikes that attack my face every time he gets within smelling distance (this is why he has to purse his lips - in order to keep his chin hairs from touching me, if he wants any physical contact). And it's orange. He is aware of my objections, and he's okay with it.

I suppose it could be worse. At least he grooms it, chiselling and sculpting bits into some sort of shape. I tolerate it for now... but if this facial cultivation continues, I may have to enforce a full love embargo. I'm just not a fan of facial hair - well, not on someone I have to share personal space with anyway.

Still, you never know - it might just grow on me. Not literally, of course.
Although... people pay good money for freak shows. Is ginger-vitis contagious?


Champagne Heathen said...

Orange beard attempts, hey? And you're sticking through it with him. I hope he realises just how lucky he is to have such a sweet woman as you!!

kop said...

Do not mock beard stroking when a man is "thinking", it gives us secret powers!

Wicked witch of the North said...

Koeks, you will get to love it. When the old man shaved his off last year i used to shudder when this balding face tried to nuzzle in my neck (with scatchy stubble and all). It softens with time and becomes a lovely little tickle. Not too much grooming Mills, makes it sharp & stubbly. Enjoy it!!!