Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mills and Koekie go gymming

Mills prepares to cycle on newly-purchased exercise bike. Koekie lays out yoga matt. Mills begins to cycle. Koekie flips and relays yoga matt. Then goes to check supper cooking in the oven. Tasting and smelling good.

Koekie returns to yoga matt and watches TV while scratching left elbow. Tests yoga ball's tension (sits on ball and bounces up and down). Koekie enquires as to how long Mills has been cycling. Twelve minutes, he informs.

Koekie contemplates belly button while continuing to sit on yoga ball. Leans back and then forward again. Repeats six times, only falling off once. Loses interest and goes to check on supper in the oven. Food still tasting and smelling good. Offers Mills a piece of banana-dwarf-bread. Mills continues to peddle furiously and declines.

Koekie returns to yoga matt. Lies across ball, stomach down. Pushes forward and pretends to be a soaring falcon, accompanied by the cry, "eeeeeeeagle!" Mills enquires if this is a legitimate yoga move. Koekie concedes it is not.

Mills finishes his cycle, but not before Koekie loses interest completely.

Supper was good though (besides the uncooked sweet potato slices).


fuzzy logic said...

My favourite Scrubs quote!

Bof said...

You are well on the way to mastering the technique of "wait" training! Or is this perhaps an innovation combination called "cook's" training?

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i am ALL for making up your own yoga moves. the others are all far too difficult to remember.

after all, if some other plonker hadn't made up today's yoga moves, what would people be doing??

Peaches said...

Loving the pseudo-yoga moves lady.

How Mills didnt fall of his bike while watching you do 'the eagle' is incredible!

Too funny, friend

Koekie said...

To all - I highly recommend The Eagle. It's great fun. And much less effort than "Dog Mooning Sun" or similar legit positions.

Fuzzy Logic, were we seperated at birth? Eeeeeegle!

Little Big Sis said...

Giggle giggle giggle...
I have a perfect picture in my head of the situation!
Giggle some more...
Giggle the rest of the day, everytime I think of this!