Saturday, January 26, 2008

De Lamas

Busy times at work and play - by the time I got home every night this week it was close to midnight, hence the lack of blogging. Sorry, jongens!

On Thursday evening, I joined my hockey team for a theatre performance which was definitely the highlight of my week. De Lamas are the Dutch version of Drew Carey's: Who's Line Is It Anyway - a show I absolutely loved when it was on TV (is it still running?).

So, De Lamas are a group of comedians who tour around the Netherlands doing improvised skits and acts, obviously in Dutch. I was nervous about how much I would actually understand, but I'm a trooper and the whole team was going so I forked out the cash for a ticket. I don't regret it - three hours of nonstop hysterics.. they are a damn amusing bunch.

After a year of being in the Netherlands, I could understand most of it and at least had an idea of most of the celebrities and places they mentioned (you know, the mocking equivalents to Springs, Pofadder and Patricia Lewis).

I tried to embed a video of De Lamas, to give a taste of the entertainment, but I can't get the code right, so you'll just have to watch it here. This is a game called "Ik wil graag zie..." (I would like to see..._), where they act out bizarre topics. In this clip: bedrijfsongeval in die dieretuin, Maxime die vreemd gaat, Willem-Alexander die vreemd gaat. Loosely translated - Working accidents in the zoo, Maxime (the royal princess) acting strange, Willem-Alexander (crown prince) acting strange.

I thoroughly enjoyed the act on Thursday and I think my team were quietly proud - and surprised - at most of my comprehension. I'm quite proud of it too, even if I can't speak the damn language confidently. Yet.

In other news, the sun came out today, which was a pleasant surprise. And we're heading into tulip season again. Fantasties!

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Bof said...

"In other news - the sun came out today, even if briefly" applies to sunny South Africa too!