Sunday, January 20, 2008


They're talking about cleaning up the Dam's Red Light District. Personally, I think I'll get over it. Life sex shows are boring. Well, certainly the ones in Amsterdam. I've heard different things about the Bangkok specialities.

Banana Bar is more interesting. You see, it's a bar... well, a counter. And the ladies serve drinks while standing on the counter, naked or close as. So I've heard. I've also heard of objects being 'projectiled' across the bar. ("Look, no hands!")

Holland/Amsterdam is known for the liberal approach to sins. Sex shops, sex shows, Coffee Shops (the weed, bru)... all available quite literally, liberally. Yet what I find mildly confusing is that when you go to the local chemist, you still have to ask for the elusive pack of condoms behind the counter. How 'Old South Africa' is that?

"Um sorry, where are the condoms?"

Attendent sullenly indicates over (inevitably) his shoulder.

"Okay, may I please have a box of the... uh... the pleasure max I think it's called... uh... no, not the blue box, um, no... if I could just have a closer look to read the labels... ummm... know what, actually I'll just pop along to the red light district, where I can leisurely peruse my options, and probably get a free weed sucker with my purchase."

I don't think I really have a point here - other than it's bloody ridiculous that I have to ask for condoms in the Netherlands. Onbelachelijk, toch?


kop said...

they can't close the banana bar down, i haven't been there yet!

Koekie said...

Me too, Kop. Me too.