Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As long as you're happy


Or PUKE-worthy.

Hey, if he's happy in that outfit, and happy to pose for a pic in that outfit, then... I have not the words.

One more thing: Today is Boyfriend and my 4 year (minus 6 months) anniversary. Because today, four years ago, we really properly hooked up. We had hooked up before, but as I had (allegedly - details are sketchy) kissed three boys before him that night, and then another few boys a few nights after that... well, we only really hooked up four years ago.

And then minus 6months when we broke up for a wee-bit. But moving on. Happy four years minus six month anniversary to us! That's 1,280 days of happiness and hormonal bickering. It must be luuuf, luuf, luff.

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