Thursday, October 05, 2006


It’s amazing what you learn on a random mid-morning sojourn to the shops… Today I learnt about foie gras:

Foie gras [fwa gaa] (French for "fat liver") is the fattened liver of a duck or goose that has been overfed.

I can’t remember what exactly got us started on this topic, but I’m pretty sure it went from me wearing an orange top, to good Thai food, to eating breakfast at a shebeen (as I did last Saturday) and came right back round to edible bodily entrails. As conversations tend to do.

So, to paraphrase my source of information, foie gras is “the squishy engorged liver of a duck or goose, which is then mushed into a smooth innard mousse-type pate.”

Nauseating. I’d hate to be on the duck’s tail end of that process.

You learn something every day.

On the subject of ducks: did you know that there are Egyptian geese swanning around Rosebank? Cos there are - I saw them with my own eyes.


Kop said...

That movie link is quite disturbing. Might you, I could use something like that to fatten me up!

Champagne Heathen said...

Man, I LOVE Foie Gras. I got stuffed on it once during a randomly free wine tour in France. They offered it free in every cellar & I only asked what it was at one of the last ones. And it is NOT cheap.

Yes, yes, bad ethics and disgraceful feeding practices and all. It still tastes damn good.

Feeding practice - they stuff a tube down the goose's throat and forcefeed it so much till its liver bursts.

And yes, I know damn well about those stupid geese that won't shut up no matter the time of day (like when I am not trying to wake up yet!!). I reckon I could stuff some of their livers for hors d'oeuvres!

ChewtheCud said...

if they do away with the force feeding then they gotta kill 10 gooses to make the same amount of foie gras as 1 before. Hows that for animal cruelty?