Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm choking up. Really.

I promised myself I wouldn't post more than once a day. I'm taking tablets for it and yes, I am one of the 35,6 million people addicted to blogging.* But there's just so much out there. I can’t stop.

When the Kiwis aren't swinging handbags, they’re promoting flower markets: All Blacks to honour fallen soldiers.

Okay, first: New Zealand was involved in wars? I was so intrigued I had to go and check, and waddya know... The British colony of New Zealand supported the UK militarily in both World Wars, when they weren't too busy defeating the native peoples, of course. But really, how much of a difference could the islands of long, white clouds have made in the big scheme of things.

Call me callous, but I get an overwhelming sense of boo-frigging-hoo.

"The All Blacks have used the valour of New Zealand servicemen as a motivational factor for previous Tests in France. On the 2004 tour, hooker Anton Oliver gave a poignant pre-match talk on the feats of legendary 1905 All Blacks captain Dave Gallaher, who was killed in World War I and is buried in a Belgian cemetery. The team then went out and thrashed France 45-6."

Ra ra ra. The dude died over a hundred years ago and they would've thumped France anyway. Get over it already, you big bunch of pansies.

*96,7% of stats made up.


Revolving Credit said...

Best you don't show Peas that pic, she'll want an All Black outfit to match her handbag.

Koekie said...

Hope she doesn't bump into the rugby team while wearing it... just imagine how upset they'd get!