Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Never say die

A very good example of my favourite mantra: 'persistance overcomes resistance'.

"...I met a girl once. Nice lass, name from hell to remember, though very regal and sweet as warm pancakes all the same. I swiftly seduced her with my blazing wit and disarming charm. Actually we were hammered, I thought I was losing her, so I just lunged. It's an old one, but it's a classic that rarely fails. The point is I followed through. I was determined. And with little or no regard for my own safety, I started something and I finished it..."

Another example of persistance overcoming resistance is why I've been with my boyfriend for four years. Bless him for his perseverance. (He claims it was the other way round, but it's my blog so it's my version)

ps. My bum is very stiff from hockey. Sitting down and standing up is awkward. Stairs are avoided at all costs.

pps. I just dropped tomatoey pasta on my beige skirt, in my crotch. Crap.

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*KLUNK* ...


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