Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Poland's far-right League of Polish Families (LPR), which is part of the coalition government, claims Darwin's theory of evolution is all wrong, that humans lived alongside dinosaurs and that Neanderthal man is still among us.
"Neanderthal man still roams the planet, notably in the United States where examples can be spotted in a boxing ring..."

I love it. I've seen examples of not only Neanderthal characterisations but also Neanderthal behaviour in the traffic. Now I have scientists on my side. So there.

There's also this, where a Scottish judge admits that "all black people look the same at first glance and the same can be said that all Chinese people can look the same to a native Scot". It must be confusing being him. Wonder if he can tell his kids apart?

And closer to cyber-home, there's this: China intends to require its millions of internet bloggers to register under their real names in a move that is raising privacy concerns... The real name requirement is an "unavoidable choice" if China wants to properly develop its blogging community, according to state media.

Glad I'm not Chinese. Even their own government can't tell them apart.


Peas on Toast said...

Bloody hell: how is the Chinese government ever going to trawl all those blogs in the first place?

That is the most impractical thing ever. Coming from a country where one must only have one child. Have they been smoking their socks? ;)

ChewTheCud said...

One thing about the chinese - there are millions of em - and if they say they gonna do something they do it - human rights be damned. And they not half as bad as this! lol - i like the "and then there's this!"

Koekie said...

Very interesting reads, for very different reasons. Thanks!

The North Korea one is quite concerning. Although, it must be said, those North Koreans all the look the same... especially at night. :-P

The second link is even better.

Q: "Is it possible to make addict on blogs absolutely normal person?"
A: No, we're a lost cause.

Champagne Heathen said...

I'll agree with Chews on the Chinese gov & their ability to ensure absolute censorship. I read a great book a few years back. I THINK it was called "The Good Women Of China" and it made me realise how crazy their censorship is. Plus I have had friends who have lived there, and their stories about even small community radio stations being controlled by the powers that be, are incredible.