Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No petrol and too many wives

When Daddy-darling established that I was driving on nothing but fumes, he had a mild apoplexy and gave me some cash to get me home last night. So I'm now driving on just over-empty. I used the rest of the cash for drugs. I joke. I used the rest of the cash for food.

In other random news, the palm of my left hand is really sore, I'm not sure why. I think I might have managed to acquire a stress-induced injury, possibly from aggressively clenching my gear level too hard. Hmm, that sounds very dodgy. This is me shutting up.

But before I go, here is today's winner of a story from around the world: This man reckons that after 201 marriages, he's had enough.

Ya think?

The story is far too long, so go read it yourself, but here are a few prize quotes:

"I have an exceptionally high taste for women and my sexual urge is quite strong. I would always go for voluptuous women because women with sagging bosom would not excite me", Malami said....

..."All my marriages were done with good intent but I encountered misfortunes. For instance, four of the women I married were already pregnant from other men when I married them..."

..."I later came to understand that my older wives were also responsible for my divorces as they would, out of jealousy, tell any beautiful young woman I married that she did not deserve to marry an old man like me..."

...He never hides his pride in his 29 surviving children out of 47 from 25 marriages, and his 39 grandchildren.

A few thoughts: Any man who marries and divorces hundreds of times deserves every piece of admin that he gets; having more than one girlfriend/wife in the first place is just asking for trouble; and 'accidently' marrying four women who are pregnant with someone else's baby is actually not such a high ratio out of 200.

Ok, so I lied about shutting up. I'm really going now.


Peas on Toast said...

Hell yeah, that's just pants.

I'd worry after 3 previous marraiges, but over 200?

This world is made up of some pretty fucked up people. :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't there lessons to be learnt in life?

how many times does he wanna shoot himself before he realises its hurting?

and if he really is a nympho, u dont HAVE to be married to get some good loving.

anyways, if thats how he wants to live his life, good for him... I sure as hell won't!

Peas - Agreed, pretty fucked up

Koekie said...

Some people are addicted to plastic surgery. Some people are addicted to pain. Some people are apparently addicted to marriage.

Wait.. are the last two one and the same?