Thursday, October 05, 2006

I concur

It annoys me beyond belief that I am expected to ignore the box on job applications, surveys and bank forms determining whether I am African in race or not. I am African. I am South African. I will possibly accept that I am white African, but I am sure as shit not European - and I know this much because no European country will let me travel within their borders without proof of my South African ID and passport, proof of income in South Africa, proof of residence in South Africa and possibly a DNA sample from a harvested egg just for good measure.

And that is my political rant for the day.

See here for what started it.

"About 11 white students painted their faces black in a bid to be classified as Africans at the Union Buildings in Pretoria today...

Kriel said the students' tongue-in-cheek action carried a very serious message, namely that the government was becoming ludicrously obsessed with race...

As part of the memorandum, the students each completed the Department of Labour's EEA1 form, in which they classified themselves as 'African', and which they submitted to the President for certification as being correct by him. On the form, to be filled in by employers or their employees as part of the labour department's employment equity reports, people were given a choice of being either 'African', 'Coloured', 'Indian' or 'White'..."

The students also appealed to all who were born in South Africa to classify themselves as African when completing the EEA1 form.

Hence, I concur.

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