Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hot beverages

I love my milo first thing in the morning. I don’t drink coffee, but I need my milo/hot chocolate/something sweet, chocolatey and milkie.

This morning’s milo was later than usual, and I was rushing back to my desk without concentration when I realised that my mug (with a moo-cow on it, of course) was lopsided – and spilling down my one jean pant.

Ever the quick-thinker, I tipped the mug back – thus balancing out the spill down my other jean pant. I don’t even swear anymore when it happens. This is what I do. I spill on myself.


It made me think of one of my more infamous adventures… the day I tipped an entire mug of piping hot chocolate all over myself and everyone seated at the table around me, at work.

I was being my usual witty, entertaining self and paused, mid-story, to take the first sip of my drink. I lifted mug from table, got it half way to my mouth… and poured about half the contents directly into my lap with such velocity that the liquid actually ricocheted off my legs in about 5 separate directions, effectively dousing everyone around me in the deluge.

It’s a very important lesson to learn: Bring to lip, THEN tip.

One of the guys, who I had just met, was wearing white pants. [I work in media: some of the men can like to be wearing white jean pants] He assured me that it was no problem, dark chocolate liquid on white pants is all the rage. And then he excused himself very quickly.

It is for this very reason that I never, ever wear white. As a rule. Certainly not if I can help it. One day, when/if I get married, I’m going to have wear deep amber, or maybe a nice poo-brown – and not for the obvious ‘lack of blushing bride’, but rather because it’s just tempting fate to wear white.


ChewTheCud said...

hmmm - no walking with hot chocolate for the koekie...

koeks i think we gotta get you a safety mug with a cap and sipper thing. Like my 4 year old cousin has ;)

I laughed so hard one time while drinking hot chocolate that it came outta my nose. Talk about burn ;P

Jeanne said...

Sorrrreeee for you Gay-white-pants-dude!