Thursday, November 23, 2006

Slowly, slowly...

Slow moving
Slow driving
Slow typing
Slow thinking

This morning I couldn’t insert the damn key into the car door. I’ve had this problem before, where I was trying to use Boyfriend’s keys to open my car… so I studied the keys. Yup, definitely mine. Tried again, then realised it wasn’t my car.

On arriving at work, it took an extra 30 seconds to coordinate unlocking door, then opening door handle (not rolling down the window). Got out of car, noticed I was parked across two parking lots, decided it would probably piss people off, got back into car to repeat coordination and concentration.

I shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery.

It started at liquid lunch yesterday. We decided to introduce the three new temps in the way of ‘media-lunches’. By 6pm I was at the work Xmas party - wearing a short red skirt and a Christmas hat complete with red pom-poms hanging off the ears; pointing at my knee and proclaiming, “You see this bruise? This bruise is from knee-sliding. I am the dance-off queen!” (god, I'll let it go sometime in the next year)

Unfortunately, a colleague has just sent me the pics she took last night. I’m not going to put any up here. I preferred it when details were sketchy. A summary goes something like this: colleagues smiling, Koekie posing, some other random, another picture of Koekie grinning, Koekie and Nommy, Koekie striking another pose, Koekie pouting, Koekie and a few randoms, Koekie smacking R’s ass, Koekie looking proud of herself, R minus his shirt (for the record, I had nothing to do with that)… and then I left. Thank god.

Then there’s this.

Apparently, Ethiopia’s unique panthera leo abyssinica are too much trouble to conserve, so instead the government is selling the cubs off to taxidermists - to be euthanised, stuffed and sold to avid colonialists.

And now, I’m going to get hangover food.


Jeanne said...

Koeks, Ballerina, Cracksister, Koeksister, Pip Muncher, sounds like last night was a performance to be proud of dolla!

Love you work!

Peas on Toast said...

Lol. Usually when I try to enter the wrong car it's during the year-end bash, not afterwards. :) Good luck with the hangover Koeks!!

Koekie said...

Peas got her 'year-end bash' last niiiiiiight...

Revolving Credit said...

Koeks, greasy bacon & eggs + chocolate. Also try some Cream Soda, lots of it.

I think you should post one of those pics just to put us all in the festive mood.

PS.You can edit out the faces to protect the guilty

Anonymous said...

Yep, you know it was a good Christmas bash, when you walk into the office and people applaud!


I am the king of all that is naked debauchery!!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Oh man, I could use some hangover food, and I am not even hungover!!! Odd.

Love the blurry eyed, fogged head, stumbling the morning after, smelling slightly of a brewery. You always know it is going to be a write-off day! Enjoy!

harry said...

Didn't Justin Timberlake sing about these terrible morning hangovers:
'Fry me a liver'

Koekie said...

Why be that guy... Why? It's bad enough I have to smell canteen chicken livers.

Koekie said...

ps. Rev, you were right. Chocolate worked. After a large helping of Kentucky Fried Kitten.

Mmm grease and cocoa. Just the right balance.

Revolving Credit said...

Ergo: alcoholic chocolate causes not hangover.
How does tequila and chocolate sauce strike you!

Koekie said...

Like shards of hot glass through my eyeballs.

Peas on Toast said...

..and hopefully not the last year-end bash I'll get. :)

tee hee!

How's that hangover doing Koeks?