Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yesterday I played a kak game of hockey. It was a good run around, which is the point really, but sometimes it’s nice to win. It wasn’t helped by the fact that our team kit is blue shirts, black shorts, blue or white socks and the opposition was wearing blue shirts, black shorts and white or blue socks. I felt more sorry for the umpires than usual.

There was also the bunch of scaffy hobos smoking pot in the parking lot next to the pitch… So although we weren’t seeing much action down my side of the field, we didn’t care.

Reason 1 for low levels: kak hockey in a very chilled atmosphere.

PMS is officially over. Not for sensitive readers, skip to Reason 3 if you can’t handle it. Menstruation rocks, stone me now. Boyfriend told me I was just looking for attention. I offered to go kick for kick – balls vs. uterus. I’ll go first.

Reason 2: lining tearing away, uncomfortable.

I got as far as my front door this morning before realising that I had no idea where my keys were – house or car.

Reason 3: late for work.

Got into work to be greeted by an email to let me know that a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer last week passed away last night. Young man with a young wife and daughter.

But whoever did this is still out there.

Reason 4: life is not fair.


Anonymous said...

I agree, yeah for periods. I dread it all month but when it arrives, I'm (usually) relieved it hasn't taken me be surprise at work or in a shopping mall. Yes, anyday's I know but it's just not worth the funny walk.

Koekie said...

I used to call it The Big Red London Bus... because you stand and wait and wait and wait at the busstop. You know the bus is going to come eventually and you know you're not going to particularly enjoy the ride once you're on. It's going to be uncomfortable and smelly. But there's always such relief once you get off.

I may have been really bored (and PMSing and waiting for a bus) when I came up with that one.

chewthecud said...

ok thats just sick! really twisted and sick! (i'm talking bout the puppy - not the red tide) On a lighter note it seems condom use has finally taken hold in south africa - what was the dude scared of catching from a puppy anyway? man - its still sick - why?

Peas on Toast said...

That article about the puppy made me cry.

I half blame this on PMS. Only half. What sick fuck rapes a puppy?

Anonymous said...

koekie, uncomfortable and smelly? Oh dear Lord...

Koekie said...

The story to date is that dear Squeaky has been placed with an affectionate labrador who had just stopped feeding her own puppies -although she was offered over 500 loving homes by other readers.

Now that I've depressed everyone (my work here is done), I feel I should share this.

Champagne Heathen said...

I am in a chipper mood this week do decided to not read the article. But pretty much got the jist of it in the comments. sigh. Glad I chose not to read it.

Hope your mood is rising. And never ever under estimate the powers of a single chocolate bar!!!

Cheerful hugs and sloppy cheek smooches to help you smile!

Koekie said...

Read the article in my comment - it picked me up: it's about a swan that has fallen in love with a swan-shaped boat.

It's quite sweet, but I don't think they'll be breeding.