Thursday, November 02, 2006


The witch is in a foul mood today. She's either menstruating or menopausal - or she hurt her arse dismounting from her broom, having missed the medication trolley before leaving for work this morning. At least three people to my count are walking around the office with singed hair from standing too close to her breath. Another was eviscerated just for making eye contact. Meine god.

This team is seriously understaffed. I'm covering for someone who's off sick and someone else is covering for someone who's off sick who was already covering for the other team which is also short staffed.

We are definitely not paid enough for this. Did I mention that I'm leaving? And I know for fact, they're not going to replace me in a hurry... they'll just spread the already-stretched-to-nervous-breakdown team thinner and thinner. I mean, this is what journalism is all about, right?

Yesterday I went to get my kah-nee xrayed, as recommended by my doctor. I didn't think there was much point - I've been walking, running and falling on it for the last 7 months, but hospitals are always fun. Doc basically came to the conclusion that I have patella non-functionitis syndrome. I'm paraphrasing. The radiologist seconded the opinion that falling on it this week probably hasn't helped. You don't get that knowledge without studying for at least 6 years...

Hockey this evening should be fun. If I manage to avoid being eaten alive in hell (aka The Witch's Office). She has a cauldron. I've seen it, I swear.


Revolving Credit said...

Don't you just love paying people wads of cash just to state the obvious.
'No dude, I thought the fall last week may have knocked by knee back into shape so I thought I'd get an X-Ray to see how well I'm doing'

Watchout for Hairy Lesbo else you'll be back paying more cash to hear once again that you the 2nd fall probably is helping.

Kop said...

Please can you stop using big words like "eviscerated" I'm neither a journ student nor a chick and therefore have very limited vocab!

Koekie said...

Eviscerated: e·vis·cer·at·ed, e·vis·cer·at·ing, e·vis·cer·ates
1. To remove the entrails of; disembowel.
2. Medicine
a. To remove the contents of (an organ).
b. To remove an organ, such as an eye, from (a patient).

Now you know.